Nick SpicerDirector / Head Technician

Nick Spicer founded SPINCOTech in September 2010 after working for 9 years in various IT roles at Fairfield College including Director of Technical Support.

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) management professional offering over 20 years extensive experience in the provision of sustainable educational and business based technology solutions I have always met demanding time restraints and exceeded client service expectations.

At SPINCOTech we expertly plan, develop and implement pragmatic ICT solutions that dramatically improve efficiency, usability and productivity. I hold a demonstrated ability to effectively define ICT project scope and map specifications, timelines, resources and budget requirements from point of planning through to service delivery within both traditional and virtual environments.

With excellent communication expertise and strong interpersonal skills I have confidence in managing challenging situations. Providing effective leadership within the delivery of demanding ICT requirements using strong initiative, innovation and management capabilities. I work well under pressure and cope with high levels of professional and personal responsibility.

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