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About Us

SPINCOTech & Backspace Computer SupportSPINCO Technology Limited provides professional computer repair and computer support services to local residential customers and businesses in the greater Hamilton area. Our mission is to deliver the very best computer repair and computer services possible to all customers.  For your convenience we travel to your place of business or home to solve your technology issues.

SPINCO Technology was founded in September 2010 in response to demand for a competitively priced computer provider with the expertise to assist clients with lowering their IT overheads. SPINCOTech is an acronym for SPicer INformation COmmunication Technology. Our personal experience spans over twenty years in New Zealand servicing various industry sectors with their computer requirements. This includes the education sector, community organisations, businesses and servicing residential clients. Competent, friendly, honest and reliable SPINCOTech is always keen to go the extra mile that makes our clients feel happier and special.

At SPINCOTech we provide a broad range of competitively priced computer services. Our range covers everything from computer repairs, support/diagnostic services and consultancy services, to designing and building client networks and computer systems. We also conduct network, hardware and software audits where we will identify potential issues with your systems to allow you to make informed decisions with the future direction of your technology needs.

We can also review and provide assistance with your backup and disaster recovery options and assist with your telephony and internet requirements.  If you need help getting an online presence including web services, email and cloud services then we can get you set up and working quickly.

One of our benchmark services is our remote support option and preventative maintenance for businesses who need to keep their mission critical systems running and effectively manage their IT expenditure.

SPINCOTech & Backspace Computer Support

In December 2013 SPINCO Technology purchased Backspace Computer Support from Sean Williams.  Sean writes “I would like to give my endorsement to Nick from SPINCO Technology. Nick has been a main competitor of mine for several years now and I have heard nothing but good things about him from people that know us both. I appreciate that people may feel uncomfortable by the change of personnel but I only ask that you give Nick that same ‘benefit of the doubt’ that you gave me when we first met.  By all accounts – I can recommend Nick and assure you that he will do a great job with any computer services that you may require.

If you would like to know more about what we can do to help you with your computer and IT requirements then give us a call or send us an email   We enjoy meeting potential new clients and helping them through their technology issues.