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Garry M. Avatar
Nick has never let me down. He's helped me in person, on the phone & by remote & has always been able to sort out any problems. He's able to explain most technical issues to me in an understandable fashion. I'd happily recommend Nick to any small business owner needing IT support.
Garry M. 18/10/20
lionel B. Avatar
Spinco is the best IT support one can get, Nick and the team are just fabulous.
lionel B. 16/08/20
Gregory Y. Avatar
Nic is great and always comes to my rescue. I highly recommend Nic.
Gregory Y. 16/08/20
Carl H. Avatar
Always helpful and understanding, first rate as to finding my problems
Carl H. 16/08/20
John S. Avatar
Excellent support when my hard drive failed with retrieval of of my documents
John S. 16/08/20
Peter L. Avatar
Genuine computer techs
Peter L. 16/08/20
Geoff B. Avatar
Very fast and friendly service. Sorted out my computer problems in his lunch time. Very pleased.
Geoff B. 18/06/20
george a. Avatar
Of all the company's I have dealt with, Spinco have a fine system of attending to our problem A S A P which has been totally appreciated .
George Arnel
george a. 18/06/20
Rachel P. Avatar
Prompt and approachable
Rachel P. 18/06/20
Pat K. Avatar
We have used SPINOtech for a number of years now and have nothing but wonderful service. We will certainly be using this company in the future.
Pat K. 18/06/20