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Computer Upgrades & Advice

Over time computers get cluttered with unnecessary software and files.  Some of which you may not know anything about.  Regular maintenance of your computer can greatly improve its speed and improve the overall life and performance of your computer.

Computer Running Slowly

  • When we perform maintenance on the internals of your computers we perform a full dust/clean to allow the cooling system to act efficiently as possible and prevent heat related issues down the track.
  • A RAM upgrade is a quick way to improve computer performance.  The more memory your computer has the faster programs will open and load.
  • A solid state hard disk is also a sure way to gain greater speed and performance.  Solid state hard drives contain no moving parts which allows data to be read and written much faster.  They are also less susceptible to failures.

Our technicians will help determine the best approach to get the maximum from your computer by proving the following services:

  • Troubleshooting system and software problems
  • Upgrading computer hardware
  • Upgrading computer software or operating system
  • Optimise computer settings to get optimal performance and/or ease of use
  • Provide advice or supply equipment to get better performance from your internet connection