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Backup & Data Recovery

Protecting your data and retrieving it when disaster strikes is important, so talk to the team at SPINCOTech and Backspace so we can ensure you can access your computer data when you need it.


Data is one of your most valuable assets.  What if all of that information was gone tomorrow?  What would you do? Do you have a plan in place to restore this business critical information?  If your photos, music, emails, contacts, or business files are important, they need to be in more than one place so they can be retrieved should disaster strike.  However, having a backup system is not enough.  You need to know what to do with it when disaster strikes and procedures in place to test that it is working.

Data loss can be absolutely catastrophic!  To recover data and get up and running quickly and efficiently after disaster strikes it is important to have a reliable backup system and tested disaster recovery procedure.  So for peace of mind, get in contact with us now!  At SPINCOTech and Backspace we can test your disaster recovery processes so you know there will be no hidden surprises should you an encounter a problem.  We can even assist you in choosing the right backup solution for your situation.

  • Local Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Remote Backup
  • Backup Monitoring

KeepItSafe, online backupBackup and recovery are critical to today’s information-driven business or individual. Our server and desktop backup services provides a complete backup and recovery solution for your personal or business data. Combining proven disk and online technologies, our online backup solution radically simplifies the protection of all your devices with reliable, automated backup and rapid recovery.  That is why SPINCOTech and Backspace we have partnered with KeepItSafe to provide reliable backup and recovery solutions.

  • Backup your data for as little as $1 per GB (data blocks sold in 5GB chunks)
  • Backup to multiple NZ data centres
  • Daily email alerts notifying of the success/failure of your backup tasks
  • Reseller dashboard allowing us to view the status of our customer backups and proactively alert of potential issues

Contact us today to discuss your backup requirements.


Data Recovery

If you find yourself in the situation where you have accidentally deleted files or perhaps your hard disk or storage device is not readable by your computer the first important thing to do is to power off your device.  Powering off your device prevents data from being overwritten even if deleted and prevents any further physical damage.

We provide access to the most professional, world class, data recovery service available in New Zealand.  For all brands and types of hard disk drives and storage devices.  They have the expertise to fix the problems that others can’t!  An inspection fee of $45 usually applies if you don’t proceed with the quoted data recovery and if all data cannot be recovered the cost is pro-ratad based on the percentage obtainable.

Contact us today to discuss your data retrieval needs.


Password Recovery

If you find yourself locked out of your computer we can often provide assistance in the recovery and retrieval of lost passwords.  We can often help you regain access to your computer or device using specialized password recovery processes or retrieve stored passwords from your device.  Depending on the situation you may be required to provide proof of ownership.