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Remote Support

SPINCOTech’s remote support service, enables us to support our customers both effectively and economically. If you can still connect to the internet, we can often solve your problems remotely, saving time and money to get you up and running quickly and reducing critical system downtime. You can access this service whenever you need it by opening a support request.

What is Remote Support?

Our remote support software allows us to reliably and securely to clients computers to perform maintenance without visiting the client’s physical location.  Having a browser and an Internet connection enables us to connect to your remote computer, display and/or control its keyboard and mouse and communicate with you through the built-in text chat feature.

What can a Technician do with Remote Support?

A technician can perform almost any task imaginable, right from the comfort of their own computer.  They can interact with your computer without visiting the physical location the computer is actually located.  For example, a technician can: view clients’ desktops, run applications on your remote computers to repair issues with your computer. A technician can also share their desktop with you or a remote party so they can hold demo sessions, make presentations, or give on-screen instructions.


When a technician connects to your computer you will be notified that a technician is connecting and asked to provide consent.  You will know a technician is connected to your computer as a banner will appear at the top of the screen identifying the technician connected.  Additionally, your desktop wallpaper may disappear and your desktop background will be black while the technician is connected.  A notification will be displayed on initial connection with the technician’s name.  An additional banner is permannetly displayed at the top of the screen during the session stating a remote control is in place and by whom.

Remote Support Session
Watch us fix your computer. LIVE!
Remote Support
Benefits of Remote Support