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VOIP Solutions

Start Saving with VoIP today!

We specialise in providing internet based telephone systems to small and medium businesses by providing solutions that not only streamline their operations, but dramatically reduce their monthly calling expenses.

VOIP provides flexibility with SIP trunking for IP-PBX devices and registration for IP phones allowing phones to be located across multiple sites/locations with all the advantages of a traditional phone system.

Calling Plans and Features

Choose a plan based on the monthly minutes and number of concurrent calls (channels) you need.  For up to date pricing plans and included calling features please check out pricing on the 2talk website.

Mobile Calling

If you make calls to mobiles then adding one of our mobile bundles to your monthly plan will save you even more!  You can pay as little as 7c/min + GST with our 1000 minute MFlex Bundles

MFlex Bundles

If you make calls out to mobiles then a Mflex bundle is what you need

MFlex 100:  $10 + GST
Available on:  2talk 10, 2talk 20, 2talk 30, Business Value, Business Go

MFlex 500:  $40 + GST
Available on:  2talk 10, 2talk 20, 2talk 30, Business Value, Business Go, Business Enterprise

MFlex 1000:  $70 + GST
Available on:  Business Go, Business Enterprise

TF Mobile Bundles

TF mobile bundles are best for customers with 2talk toll free numbers. They include calls from NZ mobiles to 2talk toll free numbers and calls from 2talk numbers to NZ mobiles.

NZ Mobile 100:  $10 + GST
Available on:  2talk 10, 2talk 20, 2talk 30, Business Value, Business Go

NZ Mobile 500:  $60 + GST
Available on:  2talk 10, 2talk 20, 2talk 30, Business Value, Business Go, Business Enterprise

NZ Mobile 1000:  $160 + GST
Available on:  Business Go, Business Enterprise

Please note: Bundles are mutually exclusive and you can only add one type to each plan. Once you use up the mobile minutes included with your bundle you will be charged the standard rate for the call. Please see the 2talk rate card for our latest rates.

Toll Free Features

2talk Toll Free numbers are a cost effective way to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. With minimal investment you can improve your customer experience and marketing effectiveness as customers are more likely to call you if the call costs nothing! Supplied with the full 2talk feature set you can manage your settings online, view call records and call reporting real time via our web portal 2talk live.

Choose from 0800 or 0508 NZ numbers
International toll free numbers are also available
Forward your calls to an existing number or register your toll free number on any SIP device
Auto Attendant/IVR – create your own customer menu to direct calls to the best answer point
Geographic Routing – route calls based on where there origination from
Time Based Routing – route calls based on the time of day
Mobile Blocking – block calls from cell phones
Reverse Answer – automatically call back cellphone callers and save costs
Call Forwarding and Locate Me – forward calls or simultaneous ring multiple phones – never miss a call
Conference Bridge Option
Keep your existing toll free number – simply port it to 2talk

Toll Free Rates

NZ Toll Free
Toll Free Number: $6 + GST/mth unless covered by your plan
Landline to Toll Free calls: 5 c/min + GST (5.75 c/min inc GST) unless covered by your plan
Mobile to Toll Free calls: 19 c/min + GST (21.85 c/min inc GST) unless covered by your mobile bundle
Porting: $25 + GST one off fee
Customer number requests: $25 + GST one off fee


Additional New Zealand numbers can be added to any 2talk account via 2talk live.  We can provide numbers for all calling regions in New Zealand.

Cloud PBX Numbers
Cost: $6 + GST/mth
Cloud PBX numbers include all features, add 2000 local minutes to your account and increase your account channels by 1.
The numbers included with your monthly calling plan can be Cloud PBX numbers or New Zealand Toll Free numbers

Cost: $2.50 + GST/mth
DDIs provide limited cloud PBX features and ONLY offer Call Forward Always, Call Forward Unavailable, Call Forward Busy, Call Forward Unreachable and CLI.
DDIs will not add to your bundle minutes or channels
Any DDis added to your account are charged – they are not included in your plan lines
DDIs can only be added to the following business plans: Business Value, Business Go and Business Enterprise


All 2talk accounts include at least one channel.  One channel allows one inbound/outbound call.  To confirm the number of channels provided with your plan please check the specific plan details.  Multiple channels allow multiple calls to be made or received at the same time.

Additional channels can be added to accounts if required.  Reasonable business use applied to all channels.
Cost: $10 + GST per block of 5 channels

Number Porting

You can bring your current local number to 2talk. You should note that when a number is ported any associated service with the number could be disconnected*, so you may need to check with the current service provider if you are unsure of the affect porting will have on any service you still require. Once the porting is complete^, we recommend that you contact your previous service provider to ensure that you will no longer be billed for any of their services that you no longer require.

If you have any linked numbers or ‘stepper’ lines associated with the number you wish to port then please contact your current provider and ask for these to be detached from your number port or cancelled. You may also port these additional lines over to 2talk if you wish. The porting process will fail if you port a number that is still linked to another number that is not being ported, which will cause further delays for the number transfer request.

*Commonly broadband connections are associated with a phone number, so these will be disconnected if the associated number is ported away.  We are only able to port active numbers, so please do not request cancellation until the number port is complete.

The setup fee for number porting is $23 ($20 ex GST) per number ported.  This is a one-off fee.  Some plans include one or two free number ports.

Calling Rates

Check out the 2talk calling rates page for included country destinations and other calling rates.

VOIP Hardware & Software

Whether you’re in need of just one phone, or hundreds, we have VoIP solutions to cover all of your needs. Pictured below is the current range of phones available through Yealink.  We believe Yealink products provide good value for money and quality but we are also able to provide hardware and software from a range of VOIP vendors including 3cx, Yeastar, Cisco, Grandstream and Polycom.  Talk to one of our specialists and find out the model best suited for your needs.

Accessories and Integration

  • Wired, DECT and Bluetooth Headsets
  • Expansion Key modules to monitor additional lines/phones (reception console)
  • Most phones are POE capable but separate power adapters available
  • CRM integration and initiate/answer calls from your computer