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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Does your computer crash frequently?

Does your computer run slowly?

Computer problems can be really frustrating, but SPINCOTech and our trusted technicians are here to help repair your computer and get you up and running again.

  Unfortunately some repairs can take time to complete, so if necessary work can be continued offsite at a lower cost and returned to you when completed.  Our technicians will provide professional impartial advice as to whether repairing your old devices will be cost effective.

When misbehaving technology is brought into our workshop we can provide you with a free quote so you know exactly what the costs will be before work commences.

Preventative maintenance and repairing small issues before they become bigger problems is going to ensure your computer or laptop is running as efficiently as possible.  Just like a car needs a regular warrant of fitness and servicing, computers do too.

Keeping your computer system free from dust that clogs fans and vents is essential to maintaining peek performance and preventing overheating issues.

Our technicians carry common replacement parts with them in their vehicles that allows them to test and isolate most issues.  Faulty parts or components can then be replaced.  When a suitable part is not available we will endeavour to provide a solution to at least get you up and running until a suitable follow up can be arranged.