At SPINCOTech and Bacspace Computer Support we provide a range of IT services and solutions in Hamilton and surrounding area.  For your convenience, we travel to your home or office to solve your technology problems.

Backup & Data Recovery

Protecting your data and retrieving it when disaster strikes is important, so talk to the team at SPINCOTech and Backspace so we can ensure you can access your computer data when you most need it.

Business IT: Computer Solutions & Services

SPINCOTech and Backspace Business Solutions provide proactive IT services to enable you to focus on what you do best.  We take the frustration out of IT support by proactively monitoring and maintaining your network, often before you are aware there is an issue, minimising system down time and providing productivity and efficiency gains.

Cloud & Web Solutions

We provide a variety of web and cloud solutions for our customers to help them achieve their goals.  From web design and hosting, online backup, email and Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and hosted desktop/server infrastructure.  With access to New Zealand infrastructure as well as Office 365 and Google platforms we have our customers covered.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Computer crashing or running slowly? Computer problems can be really frustrating, but SPINCOTech and our trusted technicians are here to help repair your computer and get you up and running again.

Computer Upgrades & Advice

Over time computers get cluttered with unnecessary software and files.  Some of which you may not know anything about.  Regular maintenance of your computer can greatly improve its speed and improve the overall life and performance of your computer.

Connectivity – Internet & Networks

With more and more devices requiring internet connectivity, its essential your connection is operating as efficiently and securely as possible.  We can provide assistance and advice in getting your network set up – wired or wireless.  We can configure your network devices so you can access them on the go.  Improve your email so you can access your calendar, emails and contacts from all your devices allowing you to be more productive.

Remote Support

SPINCOTech’s remote support service, enables us to support our customers both effectively and economically. If you can still connect to the internet, we can often solve your problems remotely, saving time and money to get you up and running quickly and reducing critical system downtime. You can access this service whenever you need it by opening a support request.

Viruses, Spyware, Malware Removal and Prevention

Malware. Viruses. Spyware are all bad news and need dealing with.  Using a reputable antivirus or security product will help minimize your risk to exposure but should you find yourself experiencing any of the following we suggest you get your computer checked by a reputable computer repair person.

VOIP Solutions

We specialise in providing internet based telephone systems to small and medium businesses. We are committed to providing every client with customised hardware and software solutions that not only streamlines their operations, but dramatically reduces their monthly expenses.